Tuesday, 13 January 2009


For now, all I do is say hello and welcome to all readers of this journal; hopefully, it'll fill up somewhat over the next 26 weeks, preferably with rather more than 26 entries, though we shall see.

It'll also have pictures of some of the things I get up to (not so much the inauguration though, since cameras are a banned item) and some interesting links, perhaps, to click on (here, the inauguration will probably come to the fore).

So, all in all, be welcome one, be welcome all, and join me in a nice 6 months in the US.


  1. ...if cameras are banned at the inauguration, why is CNN asking for photos of Obama taking the oath?

  2. Enjoyed your description of Obama's inaugaration ceremony. I read it out to a Y4 class (8-9 yrs olds). They liked the photos and the description of the parades. I thought it fitted in well into a literacy lesson on reporting.