Monday, 2 February 2009

School: The Return

Not much to say, really. The fellow staff are nice and helpful, and Francesca is the soul of wonderful kind friendliness, as well as being brilliant with the kids, who're all mischievous little angels. I'm working with kindergarteners and first-graders at the moment, ie her class; the system works a little differently, since the class is part of a mainstream school and the kids do some things with non-SEN members of their peer group, and is also different because until age 8 the kids aren't officially diagnosed, though some diagnoses can be worked up pretty easily based on pure observation (Down's and autism for instance). The children are all learning basic things like counting, proper behaviours, and appropriate communications methods, though one or two are also being toilet trained. I loved my day today and can't wait to go back to the 9 kids (we've got 4 staff including me) tomorrow.


  1. Can autism be picked up that easily?

    Sounds like an interesting time is going to be had. I think Reception (fairly akin to KG, I suppose) is one of the hardest year groups going. There again, the growth in the children at this time is truly staggering. Quite mind blowing to consider how much they move on in the early years.

  2. What is it you're actually doing out there, then?

    (This is dragon_crier/Ailsa from lj, by the way.)